A beautifully carved range of traditional wooden toys and puzzles; Mamagenius products are designed to stimulate your child to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, while also strengthening their memory retention.

Mamagenius are renowned for their ethical standards, and source all of their wood from sustainable, environmentally friendly locations in Indonesia.

The products are beautifully painted and finished, and will add a cherished, quality feel to any child’s collection.

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Wooden Baby Activity Box
Product Code: MAM2063
This portable wooden Baby Activity Box will provide hours of fun for young, curious minds an..
Crazy Curve Carpark
Product Code: MAM3106
This crazy and cool wooden carpark will bring hours of fun to the children. Featuring br..
Original Lock Activity Box
Product Code: MAM3390
Fantastic activity box to teach children how to open up different compartments with various ..
Lock Activity Box
Product Code: MAM3516A
This Mamagenius Lock Activity Box is a wonderful way to amuse young and curious minds, watch..
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