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Shape & Size Board
Product Code: QT007
This young-engineer board is a great toy for children to have fun with shapes and colours. M..
Wooden Windmill
Product Code: QT011
Wooden Windmill ..
Pound A Ball Tower
Product Code: QT019
Pound the balls from the top and enjoy watching the colorful balls rolling through the rainbow tr..
Pound A Peg
Product Code: QT021
Hammer and pegs are one of the most attractive toys to young children. This toy has 6 pegs l..
Gnome's House
Product Code: QT030
A complete gnome house play set for role play and imaginative play. The multi-level set come..
Gnome Car
Product Code: QT039
This wooden gnome car is ideal for both boys and girls! Fun for imaginative play and easy for the..
Portable Cooktop
Product Code: QT043
Looking for a kitchen corner for your child but concerned about the space? This portable coo..
Doll Playground Set
Product Code: QT048
Hand crafted wooden swing, see-saw and slide. This set is made of recycled branches of rubber tre..
Bird Rattle
Product Code: QT083
This bird rattle is part of our series of natural rattles with a beeswax finish. It is..
5 in 1 Painting Easel
Product Code: QT094
Amazing activity-centre easel with five interchangeable boards. These include a felt board, ..
Gnome Log Train
Product Code: QT103
This wooden log train is ideal for both boys and girls to play with! A set comes with 4 ..
Track a ball rack
Product Code: QT109
Colorful moving objects are always attractive to young children. Your child will love watchi..
Japanese Tea Set
Product Code: QT135
Beautiful mahogany wood tea set with four cups and four plates. Beeswax..
Shabby Chic Round Table
Product Code: QT139
This range of Tree Furniture is a beautiful addition to any room or outdoor environment, and..
Shabby Chic wooden stool
Product Code: QT142
This range of Tree Furniture is a beautiful addition to any room or outdoor environment, and..
Retro Kids Table and stool set
Product Code: QT145146
Table and Stool Set (2). This beautiful set if made from rubber wood and comes with 2 stools..
Tree House Construction Set
Product Code: QT150
Gorgeous Tree house (30x30x40cm high) made of recycled tree branches. The set is a DIY desig..
SeaGrass Doll Carrier
Product Code: QT152
This woven seagrass carrier is perfect for your little ones to carry around their dolls. Our..
Bouncing Stacking Rings
Product Code: QT158
Post Box
Product Code: QT159
This classic wooden toy teaches children about shapes and colour recognition and helps them ..
Sorting Horse Cart
Product Code: QT160
Beautiful handcraft wooden cart with a detachable wooden horse. The cart is also a sha..
Stacking flowers (18x18x18cm)
Product Code: QT166
Beautiful rainbow flower stackers that create hours of fun for toddlers. great toys fo..
Sound Blocks 15 Pcs
Product Code: QT167
This set of sound blocks are chunky, colourful and rattling! All the blocks can make sound. ..
Natural Wood Construction Set
Product Code: QT171
Our Natural Wood construction set comes with 85 pieces to create with open ended opportuniti..
Classic Baby Walker
Product Code: QT176
This classic baby walker features wide base, sturdy structure, good angle and anti tip syste..
Doll Bathroom Furniture
Product Code: QT189
The complete bathroom dolls house accessories.Including A Toilet, Sink, Bath and Showe..
Dual Discs
Product Code: QT200
The Dual discs are one of the first developmental toys that can be offered to infants 3 months+.&..
Cube Rattle
Product Code: QT203
The Cube rattle offers babies a grasping experience and offers a gentle sound as the cube is shak..
Wooden Train
Product Code: QT210
This wooden train has four carriages, which are linked together by a wooden button. Th..
3 Shape Puzzle
Product Code: QT212
Introducing your little one as young as 18 months to their first shape puzzle. This simple puzzle..
Chunky Shape Puzzle
Product Code: QT215
Our chunky shape puzzle offers a greater challenge after using our single shape puzzles. Opposing..
Single Shape Puzzle set of 4
Product Code: QT216
To understand exactly how to sort the shapes, children need to understand the relationship betwee..
Clock Puzzle
Product Code: QT217
Wooden clock puzzle with chunky pieces. The core has clues to help tell the time. All materi..
9 Pole Puzzle
Product Code: QT221
Once your child has mastered removing an object and placing it back you can move onto our Pole Pu..
Pole Puzzle
Product Code: QT228
Inspired by Montessori this cylinder is kept simple with 3 cylinders that vary in sizing. Suitabl..
Horizontal Hanger
Product Code: QT231
This horizontal dowel suitable for ages 18 months+  helps develop a slightly different grasp..
Baby Shower Gift Set
Product Code: QT236
The perfect gift set for anyone welcoming a little one into the world. This set is made up of our..
Balancing Game
Product Code: QT237
This two in one balancing game combines traditional stacking rings with a see-saw. Gre..
First Birthday Set
Product Code: QT239
The perfect gift set for a First Birthday. This set is made up of our Montesorri inspired toys. ..
Second Birthday Set
Product Code: QT242
The perfect gift set for a Second Birthday. This set is made up of our Montesorri inspired toys. ..
Hooty Owl Knob Puzzle
Product Code: QT243
This owl puzzle is part of series of our chunky Knob puzzles. This puzzle features good size..
Solid Wooden Service Station
Product Code: QT250
This is a simple yet solid service station model with 4 cars, and 2 petrol bowsers. The whol..
Wooden Rattle
Product Code: QT254
Natural Balancing People
Product Code: QT258
This set of 10 natural balancing peopleis made of natural timbers. Ideal for hand eye co-ordinati..
Product Code: QT266
Great traditional music toy made out of plantation timber using non-toxic and child safe material..
Rainbow People
Product Code: QT268
This beautiful finish wooden people set is great for stacking and balancing activities..
Wooden Rain Maker
Product Code: QT407
Key Rattle
Product Code: QT418
Great chunky rattle for babies and toddlers. The product is dyed with food rate color ..
Wooden Work Bench
Product Code: QT451
This wooden work bench is perfect toy for toddlers’ role play. The set Features a so..
Natural Colour Wooden Blocks
Product Code: QT454
This block set contains 34 wooden building blocks that offer young minds a fun time to free ..
Natural Wood Blocks 34 pcs
Product Code: QT455
This block set contains 34 wooden building blocks of various shapes and sizes. Each are care..
Cuisenair Learning Rods
Product Code: QT461
The Cuisenaire learning set include 222 unit rods in 10 sizes, supplied in a box. The smallest on..
Montessori Counting rods
Product Code: QT462
Looking for a toy that can help your preschoolers learn some basic math concepts and improve thei..
Colour Zig Zag Racing Car
Product Code: QT470
Colour Zig Zag Racing Car ..
Solid Lacing Trees - set of 3
Product Code: QT475
Beautiful set of lacing trees made out of Rubberwood. These trees are not only good toys for..
Coconut Water Scoop
Product Code: QT481
Coconut Water Scoop perfect for role play and exploring water. Made from a real coconut shel..
Lower case Letter Tracing board
Product Code: QT482
Beautiful tracing board that helps little one learning how to write the alphabet. This board come..
Capital Letter Writing Board
Product Code: QT483
Beautiful tracing board that helps little one learning how to write the alphabet. This board..
Wooden Balls Set of 50
Product Code: QT490
Beautifully finished wooden balls set of 50. These balls are great as counters or accessory ..
Lacing Owl
Product Code: QT492
This lacing owl introduces a new concept on traditional lacing and sequencing toys. Lacing s..
Montessori Leaf Puzzle
Product Code: QT496
Leaf puzzle encouraging fine motor and hand-eye coordination while connecting with nature. Knobs ..
Natural Stacking Bowls
Product Code: QT502
Our Natural stacking and nesting bowls are the perfect addition to your play providing endle..
Farm Barn
Product Code: QT505
Wooden Tool Set
Product Code: QT506
Natural Shape Sorter
Product Code: QT513
Our 12 piece wooden shape sorter puzzle comes with a wooden base featuring 4 pegs, thi..
DIY Wooden Eggs set of 10
Product Code: QT523
Want to keep little hands busy and spark their creativity? This DIY col..
Mushroom set of 10
Product Code: QT556
A set of 10 mushrooms perfect for sorting and collecting activities. Enhancing your child’..
Gears Construction Set
Product Code: QT564
Our Large Gear Construction set measures 36cm x 45cm x 2cm. Each set comes with an interchan..
Gear Puzzle Play Set
Product Code: QT565
This Gear puzzle provides opportunity for children to problem-solve, critical thinking, and ..
Montessori rings activity
Product Code: QT566
Promoting hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while exploring the ring activit..
Fruit Box Puzzle
Product Code: QT567
Our new Fruit box is a versatile puzzle which offers cognitive development among hand eye co..
Coco Sand Scoop
Product Code: QT570
Our Coconut Sand Scoop is perfect for little hands ready to explore the sand and enhan..
2 Tone Wooden Balls Set of 50
Product Code: QT571
Beautiful natural wooden balls set of 50. These balls are great as counters or accesso..
Bamboo Sand Play Set
Product Code: QT575
Wooden Dice set of 6
Product Code: QT577
Dice can be a very versatile resource, perfect for mathematical activities from basic key maths c..
Bamboo Scoop set of 3
Product Code: QT581
Bamboo scoop set of 3, perfect for water and sand play. ..
My First Writing Pad
Product Code: QT588
Our First writing pad is the perfect addtion to encourage and build children with ..
Toddler Perspex Easel
Product Code: QT592
Toddler Perspex Easel ..
Car Transport Truck
Product Code: QT600
Flat back truck
Product Code: QT602
This flat trailer truck is among the series of Qtoys vintage style handmade trucks. Each truck is..
Wooden Safari Jeep
Product Code: QT606
This safari jeep is among the series of Qtoys vintage style handmade trucks. Each truck is beauti..
Natural Wooden Car
Product Code: QT608
We love the Safari Jeep so much, we came up with more designs! Each truck is beautifully handcraf..
Surfer Van
Product Code: QT613
Simple yet stylish wooden surfing van for toddlers. This stunning van is great for open ended pla..
Vehicle Play set
Product Code: QT615
This is an all in one vehicle play set that will offer hours of fun for boys and girls. The ..
Wooden Crane
Product Code: QT618
Tree Abacus
Product Code: QT656
A great learning tool for playrooms, kindergartens and classrooms. Our natural tree abacus measur..
Natural Wooden Gems
Product Code: QT666
Coconut Basket
Product Code: QT683
Product Dimensions: 14cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 24cm(H) – Weight: 0.15 kg ..
Wooden Pestle and Mortar
Product Code: QT804
A stunning handcrafted wooden pestle and mortar that can be used for pretend play or enjoying the..
Montessori Sorting Tray
Product Code: QT826
Montessori Sorting Tray ..
Bamboo Fairy House
Product Code: QT836
A set of 3 houses crafted using bamboo. Encourages your child to broaden their imagination th..
Hanging Fairy House
Product Code: QT847
Smalll world play birdhouse, the perfect addtion to any nature-loving children’s play space. ..
Flexi Quoits
Product Code: QT855
If you like traditional quoits sets, you will love this Flexi quoit set! The toy doubl..
Tree House Complex
Product Code: QT856
This tree house complex set will bring children to the imaginative world. The set is more tha..
Jungle Tree house
Product Code: QT858
Good sized tree house made out of Lychee branches and Acacia wood. The set comes with al..
Mini Gnome House
Product Code: QT861
This beautiful Gnome House comes at a compact size yet offer everything essential for a doll..
Montessori Discs Post Box
Product Code: QT878
Categories: 3 to 5 years of age, Activity Play, By Age Group, Early Learning ..
Montessori Vertical Stacker
Product Code: QT882
Inspired by both Montessori and Steiner education styles, this stacker is a simply bea..
Cargo Train
Product Code: QT893
This versatile cargo train is perfect for sparking the imagination of your little ones. Including..
Horse Stable
Product Code: QT897
Gorgeous horse stable for imaginative and pretend play for your little ones. This wooden sta..
Rainbow Engineering Blocks
Product Code: QT901
This set of rainbow coloured blocks contains 25 chunky wooden pieces in ascending heig..
Large Tree House
Product Code: QT919
Beautiful hand made tree house that will let imagination go wild! The tree house comes..
Project Blocks 117 Pcs
Product Code: QT927
This construction set includes 117 wooden unit blocks with beautiful natural wood patterns, ..
Product Code: QT935
This set of gorgeous blocks will offer young children hours of fun as they stretch their imaginat..
Number Puzzle
Product Code: QT938
Fun number puzzle with nicely raised numbers making them easy to handle for small children. ..
Natural Capital Letter Puzzle
Product Code: QT952
Stunning letter puzzle in a natural tone. The simplicity has not only reveal the beauty of the ti..
Montessori Size Puzzle
Product Code: QT954
Montessori Size Puzzle ..
Little Turtle Knob Puzzle
Product Code: QT956
Sturdy raised puzzle. Great toy for hand-eye coordination. All materials are child-safe and ..
Butterfly Knob Puzzle
Product Code: QT959
This butterfly puzzle is one of the series of our chunky Knob puzzles. This puzzle features ..
Natural Lowercase Puzzle
Product Code: QT965
Natural coloured puzzle for children to develop fine motor skills while learning their alphabet. ..
Natural Animal Puzzle
Product Code: QT973
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