Ditty Bird

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Ditty Bird - Farm Animal
Product Code: DB0670
Is there a better place than a farm to meet friendly animals? What sound does this animal make? ..
Children’s Songs Board Book
Product Code: DB0671
  Sing along with Ditty Bird and discover six classic children's songs.  S..
Instrumental Children's Songs Board Book
Product Code: DB0672
Join Ditty Bird as he explores a variety of musical instruments through 6 different songs. &..
Nursery Rhymes Board Book
Product Code: DB0673
Join Ditty Bird as he introduces you to some classic children's nursery rhymes. To..
Classical Music Board Book
Product Code: DB0674
Join Ditty Bird as he introduces some famous and talented classical composers.  Touch th..
Learning Songs Board Books
Product Code: DB0679
Join Ditty Bird on his learning adventure. He is exploring 6 interactive and fun songs that ..
Counter Display Unit (empty)
Product Code: DB100
An eye-catching counter display unit that is designed to fit 20 playful learning musical boa..
Ditty Bird Display Unit Large
Product Code: DB200
A high impact spinning dispay that is designed to hold the entire range from Ditty Bird. This..
Cute Animals Board Books
Product Code: DB6851
Join Ditty Bird as he introduces some of his very cute friends. What sound does Benji the Ca..
Safari Animal Sounds Board Book
Product Code: DB6853
Join Ditty Bird as he goes on a safari and learns about all the different sounds the animals..
Happy Birthday Board Book
Product Code: DB6855
t's Ditty Bird's first birthday! Join him and his friends as they celebrate. Features 10 differen..
Ditty Bird Bedtime Songs Board Book
Product Code: DB6856
Join Ditty Bird as he sings 6 of his favourite calming bedtime songs. Touch the sound button..
Ditty Bird Starter Park (20Bks)
Product Code: DBSEL1
An eye-catching counter display unit filled with 20 playful learning musical board books. Th..
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